Beam style through Grasshopper

So I’m using a combination of Lunchbox script and Visualarq Grasshopper components to create a X-Frame truss. I would like to expand the scipt to create a specific beam type. Any suggestions?

Hi John, can you add more details about this X-Frame truss you want to create? What information do you need from the VA Beam component? You can get the beam paramaters and information by using the Beam Decompose components or the Get Property Components.

This the script. I reference a beam in rhino but I still have to set the cut planes. It creates what I am looking for I just want to see if I can add to it to maybe get the beam to be in the right profile I am looking for which is vertical start and end cuts.

Hi John, in VisualARQ 2.0 Beta there’s the option to define the beam cuts at ends, also from GH. Perhaps this helps:

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