Beam grasshopper to visualarq


I give grasshopper definition into rhino. I have beam from grasshopper.
I need to connect my grasshopper beam with new grasshopper definition.
How can I do that?

Sorry for my English.

Hi @skalanya,

The problem is that you are connecting a “Beam Style Create” component into the “Options (O)” parameter of the “Beam Create” component.

In order to create a beam with an specified beam style, you need to use the “Beam Options” component, connect a “Beam Style Param” component into the “Style (S)” parameter, and the select the right-click menu option “Set one beam style” and choose the desired style. You can even

If you want, you can event connect the “Beam Options” you get when exploding the original Beam, so you’ll create a beam with the same options (Style, profile and alignment):