Batch sheet creation in Rhino Inside Revit

Question about large-scale batches of sheet and view creation - mainly, how to “disassociate” the sheet from the script once i’m good to go.

Ive created an RIR script that creates 1 view for each level, then a dependent view for each area plan based on those master views, and then a simultaneous function that creates the relevant sheets for each of these in sequence. At the end, the dependent views are dropped onto the correct sheets. So far, so good.

The problem I am running into now, is that i want to take the same script, update all of the text/number inputs to do the same thing, but for my RCP’s. In theory, this should be straightforward. I open the RIR script in “locked mode”, change all of my text inputs, check with yellow panels to see that they’re working properly, etc. However, as soon as I unlock the script to get it running, instead of creating totally new master/dependent views, it automatically grabs the previous area plan sheets/views.

Question - can I get an explainer on how to properly ‘break’ that relationship once i’m satisfied the work is complete, so i can move onto my next batch?

My understanding is that, if this were actual Revit elements being created in model space, i could simply unpin those elements in the model and the association would be broken. However, since these are sheets and views, i dont know of the equivalent way to do that?

The end intent is that, i would have one overall script that fundamentally does the same function (IE, create master view, create dependent views from that, list out all the corresponding sheets/numbers, place correct dependent view on each sheet), which can then be ‘broken’ or ‘unlinked’ to do another set for each discipline, whether that be area plans, FFE plans, RCP’s, etc.

Due to timelines and deliverable sequencing, i want the ability to do them at different times, typically a few weeks apart. i do not want to update the previously created ones while doing this function.

There is a Release Element component, Un-Pinning would do the same thing as well. (10.1 KB)

Thanks! Sounds like exactly what I needed. Will try and report back.

One further question, if I’ve already got this current one setup, how do i “release” the views without automatically messing them up when the script unlocks? Is there a way to directly release the views based on id ? (IE, i need to release the views i already made in the script, before unlocking the script, if that makes sense)

You can right click the Component and disable Element Tracking.

Typically you want to have tracking so you make changes to the set if need be, but if your workflow is reliable and you don’t want to update or replace then just disable.