Place Views on Sheets

Hi, dear community, first of all I would like to thank every one who develops Rhino, Rhino Inside workflow, i’m really fascinating about it.

As far as in v1.2 update we are able to create sheets (which is awesome!) I have a few short questions:
1). regarding possibility to place Views on Sheets, is there any way to do it through RiR?

2). Trying to understand the purpose of placeholders. what are they used for? And how should we use them trough RiR, any example or link to an article ?

Thank you!

For the first question:

  • Yes you can. Until we have a native component, you can use the following definition. I created it through GhPython.

This definition takes a list of views and sheets and places views to their corresponding sheets by referencing a single point. What I do is I place one of the views in the position I want and reference that view to place rest.

Place Views on (5.6 KB)


Regarding your second question, as far as I know placeholders allows you to pre-define Sheet Names and Sheet Numbers in your Revit project. They won’t list in the Project Browser. You see them when you create a new sheet. But they have all the properties except a Titleblock.

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Thanks for sharing and explanation! this works for me!

Hi @mucahitbgoker

Can you demonstrate an example how the definition works?
Below is what I’ve done…

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What’s the error in the Red Balloon say?

Its working if you add more than 1 View/Sheet.

I removed the list checking and it now works with 1 input.

Do note that scripts like these are built for a particular workflow and may need to be adjusted to yours.

RE_Place Views on (12.0 KB)

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Thanks @Japhy , successfully worked. :grinning:

At the moment, I’m also curious if the Viewports Title can be moved/aligned to the same location as corresponding view as well?

Ctu6, That’s typically managed by cropping your views before you place them on a sheet.

@Japhy But what if the has been moved manually to a desired location?

For example,
I have View A, placed on a sheet, and I manually moved the Title to center of sheet.
Next I duplicate the view - View B, used the script to placed at the same location as View A.
But now View B’s Title is shown at the default location.

That’s been a long requested feature for the Revit API…

… okay thanks!