Batch Grasshopper Processing of Rhino Files

Hello all,
I have a question about batch processing of DWGs. The logic seems simple enough but I’m not sure where to get started in terms of implementation. Essentially what I’d like to do for a batch of files is -

  1. Open and load DWG 01 to Rhino
  2. Run a GH script that does a specific task [Look for a specific layer > Explode Blocks > Boolean operations on curves > Bake ]
  3. Export DWG 01
  4. Open and load DWG 02
    Run steps 2 & 3 again until all the files in the folder have been changed.
    I have some scripting experience with Python and C# but always on the geometry level not so much at file management level.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nothing I would use GH for, to be honest. Make yourself familiar with RhinoCommon and how to write rhino plugins. You could then make a simple plugin that just scans a folder for a given filetype and let the user pick a python script to run everytime a new file is opened, for example.

Hi A Nigam,

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