Grasshopper batch execution

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to automate the execution of GH files via python.

I have several CAD (~1000) files (.step)

And several GH files to make the multiple process on part. Between each process I save them as .3dm.

My first attempt was to make like in .bat file but with python using os.system(my_cmd).

My_cmd= « {path_to_rhino.exe} /nosplash /runscript=’_GrasshopperOpen {path_to_gh_file} _enter ».

It almost worked, but I’ve got GHpython componant with rs.Command ("_-Insert “+ str (path)+” _Bloc _Enter 0,0,0 1 _Enter _Enter ") in my gh doc.

It seems that this command from the GHpython componant is executing before the « _enter » of my_cmd. So nothing hapen in document because the initial Insert dont work.

My second attempt was to use RhinoInside from python.

I think this solution is better, because I can run headless , save time and maybe I can manage to make the CAD treatment 1 by 1 which will be safer.

But I missed some documentation about how to use it.

First, this error occur each time I execute.

Then, when I close this alert, my python script seems to work, but it does absolutely nothing. It is supose to save files as .3dm but i doesn’t.

Any help is welcome (20.2 KB) (1.0 KB)