Basic work making a trumpet

Hi almost finish this trumpet really nice to do a lot of basic rhino work i hope you like it
greetings Peter


Hi Peter - looks nice! If that is a rendered viewport, you may get zingier results if you set an environment for the brass and silver materials to work with so they do not look so ‘dead’.


Hi Pascal i just wait with real rendering til i am finish t the job that’s a manner of reward myself-:slight_smile:
greetings Peter

up to the next instument


Looks great, but sounds a little sharp. I think you need to pull out the tuning slide a little, Ha!

Fun project.

Best regards,


now i am starting a violin but i have a lot of problems with this spiral
maybe somwoene can put me in the right direction??
greetings Peter

This should get you pointed in the right direction:

Nice work Peter! This project has a great number of challenging shapes. It was a great choice.

still some problems with the violin almost ready but i have some problems with blending 2 surfaces
i dont get a smoot neck ( i hope its the good word for it) maybe i need other round curves i really don"t know ??

neck.3dm (152.8 KB)
greetings Peter