Basic Question: Linear Dimension Tool

Hey guys, I’m new to the Rhino program and am currretly teaching myself by following along tutorials on youtube. In the one I’m watching right now the objective is to measure the side of a cube that I made. However, when I click the linear dmesion button and measure while holding the shift key down I get FAT black lines all over my screen. How can I resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for the quick response! However, I don’t seem to have the default option

You have to click on the small arrow to the left of Annotation Styles to expand the menu, like shown in @Mahdiyar’s diagram!

still can’t find it

You are currently using Meters Architectural, since it’s checked. Click on it in the expanded menu and the display will change to what was shown above. There’s no harm in experimenting a little! :wink: