Linear Dimension tool not working?

Hey. I just upgraded to the newest rhino, and my Linear Dimension tool is not working. Works fine for the base length and width for a box, but when I try to measure vertically it says ‘0’, as it is actually measuring the horizontal distance on my line. I’ve tried everything. Silly, I know, but it’s making me crazy. Any ideas?

Place the dimension in the right or front view, I am guessing you are trying to place it in the Perspective view. Even if project is off, it wants to measure in the Cplane of that viewport.

From the Dim command help: “Note: Dimensions always measure as though the object were projected to the current construction plane.”

As Gregb says, or additionally you can use the cplane, 3point tool for a custom construction plane aligned to the desired points for your dimension.

Thx to both of you. I did switch to front view, and it was fine…I was just sure that I used to be able to do the whole thing in perspective. Onwards…


Nope. Dimensions are always created coplanar to the viewport construction plane.