Basic geometry problems interpolate crv and rotate rectangles

Hi there, i’m trying to make some simple algorithm to make 2 different things:


  • i have a problem about interpolate curves, as you can see in the first line everything is correct i divided 2 curves with just a number, but in the second line when i try to divide the curves with a progressive division it doesn’t allow me to interpolate lines as the first case.

any suggestion? :blush:

2° problem

  • i would like to divide a curve and then have rectangles rotated perpendicular respect the part of line where they belongs. In the first case i’ve done it by dividing each line and extracting its plane and then i gave the to rectangles and everything seems to be right. In the second case i’ve tryied to do the same without dividing each segment but its definitly wrong as you can see.

is it possible to make this operation without dividing each segment?

here gh files with geometry internalised (21.7 KB)

Thanks a lot!

Skip the Path Mapper in the “WRONG” group on the left.

And maybe look at this recent thread?

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Hi. @d.zerbi
Check White group in the attached def… (33.3 KB)

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Thank you @HS_Kim !