Basic Design Execution

Hello I am new to the site and I am new to the rhino program.
I am in an interior architecture program so I don’t mind giving a new software a try, especially when it’s required for a course. In this case, it is, and my teacher is very intelligent but hard to understand so I need any help I can get with the program.

Specifically, I am working on a 3x3x3 1/4"scale design and I am having trouble fitting pieces into the puzzle if you know what I mean. I can’t seem to use the “ortho” tool to snap my objects into the right place to finish the design, I know I can just delete the errors in my design and make it right but I would rather learn how to refine my designs.

Thank you for any and all help.
Robert Hankey

Interior Arhitecture
Ohio University

Hi and welcome Robert,

I suggest to read through this:

Specifically the part about Osnaps and the video