Baking with Human + GH

i have my design subdivided in 4 groups of geometry because i want to bake each group y different layers, but the geometry don’t bake when i press the toogle button. i have this algorithm after researching in topics but i don’t get what im looking for.
i also read that the structure to create a new layer for the baked objects is “layername::sublayername” but y only get the principal layer, not the sublayer.
what can i do?

Hi Kiros,
I’m not sure if it’s necessary the dispatch component, I would erase it.
And you have to activate the “Use full path option” in the Create Layer/Modify layer component, right click over the component and activate it. Recompute if it is necessary.
It works for me, but sometimes you have to internalise data until baking(I use metahopper for that)!!

Good luck!

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I had the same problems. My small tutorial

Step 1: Righ click on the create modify layer and click on ‘use full paths’
Step 2: Right click on the create attributes and click ‘use full paths’
hint: a black box under the component states ‘layer full path’

Step 3: Lock the solver
Step 4: Unlock
Step 5: Recompute (maybe step 5 is enough for some :slight_smile: )

Step 6: Hit the button!