Baking the Geometry from all Slider Combinations

Hi All,

I see other topics related to this on the forum but I’m still having a hard time completing what I need to do. I have created a script to generate thousands of symbols based on slider combinations. I’ve used the colibri plugins from TT Toolbox to see that the iterations function but now I need a way to bake them.

I was thinking there may be a way to use data recorder and plug the data back into the grasshopper script but it’s turning into a data management nightmare. :sob:

Ideally, I could lay all of these iterations out in a line or a grid. I’ve seen some people discussing anemone, colibri or python for tasks like this.

Could anyone offer advice for going about this? I’m not well versed in python but if I need to use it I’ll take on the challenge.


I’m guessing really but this sounds like a scripting solution because you need lots of nested loops to iterate through all your slider values.

If it was just one slider you might be able to use SERIES instead to supply a series of numbers but I imagine your data will explode if you used loads of SERIES instead of sliders.

Anenome will give you one loop and you can nest Anenome Loops I think but from experience with Anenome the data structure gets weird quickly.

Nested loops with scripting might not be too bad if you can get your head around one loop for one slider, then nest a loop for the next and keep going until you can nest them all. Sadly, I can’t help with that as my scripting experience consists of fudging my way through it without really knowing what I’m doing :slight_smile:

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Yes, unfortunately, scripting might be the best way to do it. I’ll have to fudge through it too if I end up scripting…