Baking geometry with new materials

Is it possible to create new materials with Elefront? I try to create materials that match layer colors.

Human plugin has some components for creating materials. The problem here is that Human components need to be re-enabled after baking, so the workflow is not optimal.


Hi @harri.humppi
would _SynchronizeRenderColors work for you?

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You can assign objects colors with Elefront but I don’t think you can bake new materials to the document. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong hopefully.

However with the new Rhino 8 nodes you very much can do what you are looking for.

Please see example below, utilizing the “Objects” category in Rhino 8 nodes you can create/name/define new Render materials and when you bake your model objects these materials will get added to the document.

Elefront Set Object Colors To Queried Layer Colors:

Rhino 8 Set Object Render Materials To Queried Layer Colors & Create New Materials:


Note how I utilized the concatenate node to name the newly created materials based on their layer name. (12.7 KB)

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Yes, this is a good option, thanks @Toni_Osterlund

Glad that there are some solutions here. Just to close the loop re: eleFront, indeed there is no functionality for creating or modifying materials - only assigning them based on names that already exist in the document.