Baking subD through remote panel

I posted this earlier in the GH categorie, but maybe this is a better place.
The bake component in GH does not bake SubD objects. How can I bake a subD thruogh the remote panel?

Hi Erik -

Not really.

I might be missing something, but as far as I know, there is no Bake component in native Grasshopper(*). If that is correct, you’d have to contact the developer of the plug-in that you are using.

(*) There’s the Context Bake component, but that is for GrasshopperPlayer and doesn’t take a boolean input.

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You can do this with Elefront. Right click the button and publish it to the remote panel. (14.6 KB)

Thank you, this will work for me!
Nice that you understood my rookie question.

The only thing now that prohibits me to keep GH in the background in my workflow all the time is that I have to set a SubD object as a locally defined value in a GH component.
Any tips how I can do that through the remote panel?

You can use Elefront to reference a SubD from a certain layer or by name

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Ok, I will give that a try.
Thanks a lot,

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