Baking blocks

Two problems arise regarding the way the Blocks are baked :
-The geometry inside the block all gets moved over to the current layer and I can’t see how to define it’s attributes ; only the attributes of the block instance itself are set by the “attributes” input.
-It doesn’t seem possible to create blocks containing blocks

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You cannot currently create nested blocks with Human.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks, I had forgotten the attributes thing.
Regarding nested blocks, well… I hope you can implement it at some point.
It forces me to resort to another plugin which does the job, but in a hack-like fashion which poses all sorts of problems.

This seems to work:

I made blocks for Wall_Pt1, Wall_Pt2, … , Corridor. Then I flatten them before making them to another block. Then bake that block. Attribute is assigned at the MakeBlock node and the last Bake node. And the layers are structured to match nested block structure.


and double nested block with matching layer structure


Hi David,

Elefront is what I was hinting at.
This plugin often provoques strange behaviors, which is why I like to avoid it when I can.
Namely, block baking results in either a crazy multiplication of duplicates, or breaks GH’s interface.
Kind of left between a rock and a hard place with blocks in GH…

Hi Osuire

I have noticed with Elefront bake, using a GH Button will freeze the GH while clicking on the button in the Bake node will be fine.

Sorry if I have miss read your original post. I thought you were chasing blocks containing blocks. My bad.

I found Elefront to be very useful otherwise, but yes, it sometimes does create “error blocks” when I check in BlockManager after baking ( not that I bake blocks often).

Hi David,

Nested blocks is indeed what I need to do.
I’ll try baking using the component itself, and not a GH boolean toggle.
I’ve also noticed the “button freeze” issue with Human, this seems to be a GH problem.

The more annoying issue I have with Elefront is the freeze of the canvas : only zooming keeps working, but pan is dead and no more components can be added or edited.
Only solution is to close / re-open Rhino since it is no longer possible to kill only GH.

Hi Osuire

Sometimes when the GH canvas freezes after Elefront bake or Human bake, like you have experienced (pan is dead, zoom still work), I found that if I click the bake button on the node again, it will work again. Maybe give that a try.

Hi David,

Thanks ! I’ll try that.
The sad part is that these “under the GH hood” manipulations interfere with the idea of making nice and clean interfaces with Human UI…

I can’t ask my “non-GH” team mates to rummage through definitions and fiddle with components to get the work done.
I hope that another David takes notice :slight_smile: