Desperately need help to BAKE BLOCKS into Rhino

hi there, I need to find a way to auto bake blocks into exisiting layer of a Rhino files with attributes pre-assigned too.

So far I have tried different Bake components from Elefront, Human, and Lunchbox, when the geometry is polysurface, there is no problem at all, but for some reason, when the geometry are blocks (which thanks to Elefront to even make it possible in the first place), NONE of the above components work…

Anyone can help? THANKSSSS!!!

Hi wenJ. I use Elefront fairly often to create blocks nested blocks in my files with attributes and layer assignments. This is a simplified example of my approach:

This creates a series of blocks based on rows of points as shown in the screenshot below:

In my experience, this can get trickier to accomplish when the block structure becomes more complex. If you can provide an example of what you are trying to do and where it fails someone may be able to provide further assistance.

Hi @rtstangl !
I’m curoius to know how you would reference specific block instances from Rhino to define a nested block and then bake it.