Bake single-stroke font text to Rhino

From within a RH 6-GH definition, I need to generate and bake single-stroke font texts for laser-engraving of part names on laser-cut parts.
I’ve been digging through the endless threads on the topic of single-font text, just to find that it’s a total mess.

Could a CNC + GH user tell me how he actually managed to get it done ?

The font in the style is MecSoft_Font-1, i’ve also had the decent results with the Fonts that come with Fab Tools.

just a few panels on that one…


Hi Rickson,

thanks for your answer.
Fabtools… has it been updated to be compatible with RH6 ?
Hmm looks like you are using a different Elefront version than me : I don’t have so many inputs on the “Define Text Object” component…

But, hey, it works ! :

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there are incompatibilities on FabTools. The few essential components i use still work. Just don’t use textdot!

The elefront component has the plus + when you zoom in.

This blew my mind…
I need to look out for this in other components…

A tougher one now.
Suppose you have a multitude of crazy-shaped parts.
Did you come up with a solution to fit text in a place where it will not overlap a hole, or an indentation of the exterior border ?
Something like a “find a sweet spot for my text” algorithm ?

We have a button called ‘intern’, that works …ok.

Seems pretty doable, just a bounding box of text and light nesting algorithm; at the moment its get it as close as possible and let the arch students that come in a few times a week move stuff for a few hours.