Single-line font in Grasshopper?

Hey all! I am using Rhino 8 and I want to use a single line font in Grasshopper. I see there is this new text entity component, but it doesn’t have an Engraving Font option. What I understand from the resource from McNeel I would need to somehow check this option. Anyway, if you know of a way to use single line fonts in Grasshopper, please let me know. Thank you very much!

Have you tried using the MecSoft Single stroke font?

Here’s an example using the MecSoft font where i created a new Annotation Style and assigned. Note that you do need to explode in Rhino after. The Explode Object in GH is returning the wrong linework. (10.8 KB)

An alternative is Elefront (4.3 or 5.x) has an option to output curves or surfaces in their Define Text Object component.


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I am using this font: Rhino Single Line Engraving Font “Architect” | Food4Rhino in conjunction with this Grasshopper definition: Single Stroke Multiline Text GHPython | Food4Rhino with a little modification. I added sc.doc = ghdoc before if text: line to avoid duplicated lines. So far, so good.