TextObject fails on single stroke font



This is V5:

V6, with the same font:

BTW, the V6 dialog misses the grip symbol.
I didn’t expect the dialog is resizable first, and wondered why the input field is so tiny.


This may be font-dependent, here MachineToolSanSerif seems to work OK.
(the text representation in the dialog sucks though…)


Can you post the font in question?



Unfortunately not, it is copyrighted.
It is this one:

While playing around, a next bug in the dialog:
The last used text is not restored after re-starting V6.
V5 works ok.


Hmm, OK, maybe McNeel can test. Nice link for single stroke fonts BTW, thanks.

Yep… --Mitch



Seen this?

(Pascal Golay) #6

Got that, thanks.





This is only about remembering the text.
Not about the wrong processing.


Does this mean that we have to live with this bug?