Bake component failing in Human in Rhino 7

I’ve seen previous posts mentioning that Rhino 7 broke Elefront’s bake with attributes component.

I’m having the same problem with the bake with attributes component in Human.

Is there a fix or workaround for this that doesn’t involve running Rhino 7?

Are there other plugins that have a bake with attributes component that works in Rhino 7?

I’ve never had any issues with legacy elefront in Rhino 7 or 8, the newest elefront version is still in beta.

What failure are you seeing? I’m not aware of any incompatibility.

I have not seen any posts or experienced this with any version of EleFront, either Legacy or Beta. The Beta does have some issues with Sublayers, and doesn’t yet support Materials, but it should still apply Key/Values. The Legacy version - as far as I know - is working across all Rhino versions. I haven’t seen any other posts on this topic, but it would also be helpful to see an example script where it is failing.

It just wouldn’t work. I deleted and reinstalled and it’s fine.