How can i backup custom macro commands?

I’v created some macro commands, gave them a button etc…
Now i can’t see them in the toolbar manager so cannot back them up…
Any ideas ?

If you have modified your default toolbar layout by adding buttons etc. I highly suggest that you:

  1. save it under another name, and
  2. periodically back up that file somewhere else

The reason for this is that in some circumstances, the default.rui (toolbar file) can be overwritten or corrupted.

To do this:

In Tools>Toolbar layout, highlight default in the upper right window and then use SaveAs from the file menu and give it another name.

The file itself is located here in a standard Windows install:


Rhino will automatically create a backup file in the same directory, but I suggest you periodically also copy that out somewhere else as a second backup…

HTH, --Mitch

Tnx @Helvetosaur !
Will do that.