Backround lighting

Hey there,

i’ve got an issue which bothers me since i started to use rhino. Is there by any chance a way to create a light box in rhino like the one attached?
I tried to do it with a lucent surface and back light. the surface just blacks out… Is there a way to make certain surfaces or objective “glow” by theirselves with a command?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Markus,

In Rhino for Mac you can use HDR files in the basic environment settings via the File menu>Rhino Render>Background>Environment. This may be close to what you’re looking for if you have the right HDR file… there are many online for free and purchase.

Rhino Render on Rgino 5 for Mac doesn’t have an “emmisive” material type which would make an object glow. For that I’d recommend the OSX version of Maxwell Render.