Background in Render Display Mode

The mapping tools for background enviroment/HDRI in the rendered display mode and in raytraced mode seem to be non-intuitive, somewhat lagging, buggy, and do not match with the rendered result! It would be great to see more intuitive mapping controls (similar to the widget for texturing materials) applied to the background image/HDRI environment where one can easily scale/rotate and have a fast way of controlling the background. The screenshot below is a quick test from the latest V6 Beta showing how the rendered result does not match the viewports display background image!

I think you forgot the attachment. Also a simple 3dm file exhibiting the problem would be useful.

Note that for raytraced and HDRi environments it makes (currently) only sense to have equirectangular or mirror ball (light probe) environments. The input projection should be one of the two, and output projection should be set to Same as input. The Cycles engine that Raytraced uses doesn’t know the other projection types nor the mapping between different ones. But as said, an example 3dm file would help in investigating the issues you are having.


OK great. This is useful information as I was struggling with experimenting with the different options. I’ve edited my post with the attached screen-save and below is a link to the file.

At least looks like planar projection with rotation doesn’t work too well. I’ll investigate at the office tomorrow closer. Thanks for the file.


Thank you Nathan + McNeel team : ) Can’t wait for the official release.

@Peter_Dang so your goal here is to manipulate the environment with UV setting (translation) and rotation to have it line up with your model, am I correct?

Anyway, the status of Raytraced texture mappings in environments is that for the texture itself either Equirectangular or Light Probe is supported. Changing translation and scale is actually broken - during my latest bout in environment shader code I apparently forgot to reinstate code that sets translation and scale for background textures. I have logged this as bug RH-42492 in our system. Thanks for testing and reporting!

I took the liberty at looking a bit at your scene and noticed you had customized your glass. For Raytraced to have nice glass you should probably stick to using the Glass material - changing the base color away from black and fiddling around with gloss (which isn’t supported) makes the material be less nice (IMHO).

RH-42492 is fixed in the latest BETA

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