Rhino6: Environment rotates in raytraced view

Hi, when I switch between rendered and raytraced view, the environment shifts. The rotation settings are unchanged, as with everything else. The brightness also becomes significantly brighter. I’m not sure why is this happening. On SR14.

What kind of environment texture are you using? A regular equirectangular one? Or are you using some other projection?

Do you change altitude and/or rotation too?

Hi, I am using a regular equirectangular environment, projected automatically (spherical). I tried manually adjusting to other forms of projection, but the effect still persists. The altitude and rotations are untouched (checked, the values are constant)

Can you please share the file with me? If you don’t want to attach it to this topic then you can use rhino3d.com/upload?to=nathan@mcneel.com - that will be uploaded to our servers and then stay confidential. I’ll get a notification when your upload is completed.

Thanks in advance!

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@thecheongjh I have checked you file. I indeed see a 70° difference in the rotation, but I don’t know yet why.

Raytraced is much brighter because you have the HDR multiplier for skylight and environment at 1.8 and the reflection environment HDR multiplier is at 4.0. In Raytraced the environments do contribute to lighting, especially the skylight environment. Setting higher multipliers can easily lead to overexposure. Since we don’t have any good color management like Blender Filmic you shouldn’t put in too much light energy.

edit: a bit more investigated - it looks like the HDR has some transformational information that I get through the internal texture evaluator, but maybe Rendered mode not. I opened the EXR file in Blender and resaved it under a different name, but still as EXR. I set that new EXR file as the HDRi texture for the environment, and now both Rendered and Raytraced are aligned.

edit2: a screenshot

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I see, thank you! I’ll take note for the lighting and file next time.

The problem is that the mapping repeat is set incorrectly on the one that goes wrong. However, somehow its not correctable because the error is in the W of the repeat, which doesn’t show on the EXR texture UI.

The easiest way to fix this is to delete the texture from the environment and start again

RH-51581 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate