Background Bitmap Image Not Printing

I can’t get a background bitmap image placed in a layout view to print. It is a color JPEG and appears normal in the layout, but doesn’t show in the printer setup dialog preview or PDF preview. I’ve selected the “Print Background Bitmap” in the printer Visibility dropdown. Any idea?

Any luck with this? I am having the same problem!
The work around I found is to trace the background bitmap perimeter then add a picture and make it the same size, it will show and print that way, however the PDF file size comes out too big, over 17MB (w/ Picture) vs >1MB (w/Background Btmp).
Plus you need to remember to drag your picture under your drawing so all the lines show up when printinting.

Nope. The bitmap will print if it is placed in model space. So to keep it from interfering with the modeling work, I put it on a layer I can hide.