Background bitmap distorted

V6 SR21 17/12/19

The background bitmap command distorts the image when using the 1:1 option.
It works fine in V5

[Also, the picture command presents a white box with no image, but at the correct size using 1:1 option. This is likely due to my old laptop video card, whose drivers cannot be updated, running with the generic microsoft drivers, which is the only way I can get V6 to run…]


As a test, in Rhino V6 Options > Advanced, change the list filter to “UseHardwareDriver”.
Remove the check to set it to False.
Close and restart Rhino.
Is that better or worse?

Thanks John

It was already set to “false”, so I set it to “true” to use the ATI drivers and accelerated hardware mode.

The picture command shows only a white box, but of the correct proportions - if I view it in raytraced mode I can see the image.

The background bitmap is fine.

So it doesn’t seem to be a rhino thing, just my medieval video card…


Sounds like it.
I hope you can replace it before it drives you round the bend.