Back slash for division

How about multiplication? Is there a key that can multiply as the back slash does in the command line? Thanks,Mark

For V5, you have to put


where n and m are numbers of course… You can put any of the four operators inside the parens in any combination.

The =() are not necessary in V6, you can type formulas directly


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Very helpful, thanks —Mark

I work in inches most the time. Sometimes I get a dimension of 21’-6" . So how could I type in =(21*12+6) to equal 258" thanks—Mark

You would need to type =((21*12)+6)

i.e. you need a second set of parentheses. Operations inside parentheses are executed first. --Mitch

Hi Mitch, I did try the way to input for feet and inches. Didn’t have luck with that example you showed. Guess I will stick with a calculator close by. The one in the Rhino app is a bit small. —Mark

Although ,I did not use the = as in your first example. I’ll fiddle with it a bit more. —Mark
Yes I did not put the = in there. Only the parenthesis. I’ll try that snd let you know.

Got it to work, thanks to you Mitch