Axis Orientation

Hi Folks,

I’m a New User running Rhino for Mac.

I got myself into a bit of trouble, some of which I managed to figure out, and the rest is still bewildering to me.

Basically, I managed to set up a situation where in drawing a path onto the top plane viewport. That same path went into Negative Z Space when viewed on the Perspective Viewport. . . when I was expecting it to sit flat upon the x,y ground plane (instead of rotating below it).

How I got there:

Prior to this happening my main problem had to do with resetting the Gumball position… which I learned was possible via clicking on the Gumball Menu Ball.

From there I saw the option to choose CPLane… which I was happy to see because I was also curious as to how to reassign the point of origin for the Axis.

I must have messed up the Axis origin of the Perspective Viewport. …and I tried to fix it by using the Cplane command again, and was hoping to find an option for resetting the axis back to it’s default setting. Which was probably there, but I couldn’t recognize it for what it was. . . I was foolishly looking for a button called ‘reset’. …even though the coordinate system is a good deal more complicated than that.

Anyhow, I need to better understand my way around the Rhino, and also master how the axis and coordinate settings work.

If anybody has any suggestions, or advise they can offer I’d love to hear it.

Take Care,


Starting to figure this out some… running the CPlane command, and opting for ‘World’. . . ‘Top’ gets the perspective view to reorient itself to what it used to be.

So although I recovered a bit from my disorientation of the Axis direction… I’m still interested on any insight pertaining to how the axis system works.