Disable the 2nd 'Tab' angle lock? Key to change Parallel to Persp?

1st Q: I’m wondering If I can disable the 2nd Tab lock (angle lock). I’m pretty key happy and sometimes skip the directional lock I’m going for, and takes me a few tabs to get back to directional lock (usually passing it a few times and getting lost in locks lol).

2nd Q: I find myself more and more just modeling in one giant viewport, usually Top view, then ctrl+shift to go into axon mode. But is there a way to set a hotkey/alias to switch camera from Parallel to Perspective while in top view? As well as set the lens length?

I’ve been going into the camera props each time and clicking persp, then changing lens length. But I switch from top…to front… to top… to ctrl+shift orbit pretty much constantly.

…just wondering! let me know if it’s possible,

Thank you!

Hi Dan - No to your first question as far as I know… for the second bit, you may want to look at the OneView command, for one thing, but a macro to simply switch the projection is

! _-ViewportProperties _Projection _Toggle _EnterEnd


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Beautiful, Thank you!

That part works great, I’m attempting the 2nd bit (changing the lens length) and using “! _-ViewportProperties _Lens” which allows me to type in the lens. But I’m trying to get it fully automated.

“! _-ViewportProperties _Lens _Enter _36 _EnterEnd” Doesn’t seem to be the right way…haha. Any thoughts?

! _-ViewportProperties _Lens 36 _EnterEnd



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been using rhino for 15 years… scripting in it was never my forte


I’ll take a look through the link you sent