Autosave and multiple instances of rhino

i have two rhino files open. one became non-responsive and i noticed i hadn’t saved for two hours. i’ve popped over to the autosave folder and have found that there is only 1 autosave file with today’s date, and that is the file that i don’t need.

does rhino autosave multiple instances of rhino files? or only the most recently opened file?

Hi Andrew- Autosave of otherwise unsaved (new, untitled ) files only writes to one Autosave file (i.e. any and all instances of Rhino with a new, unsaved, file open will overwrite the same Autosave file). Once you save a file with a real name and so on, then it will get its own Autosave file with a special version of the file name.


Hi Pascal,
that’s not what I’m seeing here. I have two rhino instances open, both have been saved with unique names and Rhino is set to autosave every 20 mins. I’ve been monitoring my autosave folder for about 2 hours and one file has been autosaving and the other has not.

Also, curiously, the autosave file that has been autosaving has disappeared from the autosave folder even though the base rhino file is still open…


Hi Andrew- what happens if you run the Autosave command in each instance, to force the issue- do you see files show up?


Hi Pascal,
Today I’ve been working with 5 rhino instances open and the autsave folder seems to have saved 4 our of the 5 which isn’t bad. Though the times are all staggered…

It is now 3.20pm and this list shows one at 2.43, 2, 40, 1:58, 12:18, so they are not all saving every 20mins which is what Rhino is set to.

I ran the Autosave command which did force the saving of the file which hadn’t autosaved.

I have seen this kind of autosave issues too in the past. Could be great to get it rock solid working, since it can be a great helper.


Hi Andrew- Autosave does not necessarily hit the times exactly- if Rhino is in a command at T-time it will wait, for example, and the timer is reset by Saving. Here are some notes on Autosave:

A timer is used to fire an autosave event. If no command is running, Rhino saves immediately. If a command is running, Rhino autosaves at the end of the command/script that is running.
Rhino starts the timer only when the document is modified.
Save (but not Export, nor SaveAs) resets the autosave timer.
Save also deletes the existing Autosave file and clears the registry flag indicating the last autosaved file because the real file is more current than the Autosave file.
If the active model is named, the Autosave file will be placed in the default Autosave folder and be named as follows:
If the active model is not named, autosave file is written to the default Autosave file.


Hi Pascal, that clarifies a lot. Thanks,

Can I turn the Autosave in rhino OSX off? I find the 2 “duplicate” possibilities extremely confusing and have lost considerable amount of works because I could not revert after rhino autosaved.

Please give the users very clear control over features such as “save” or “save as”


Hello- in the Mac’s ‘System preferences’ > General you can check the box for ‘Ask to keep changes when closing documents’ (I had the same frustration you do…)