Autosave file after a crash with multiple Rhino file

Hello, (Rhino 6 with Windows 7)
When I have multiple files open and Rhino crashes, for instance I have A, B and C open and Rhino crashes, and I open file A after the crash, Rhino ask me there is an autosave file do you want to open?
When I say yes, with high possibility B or C will pop up instead of A.
This is a little annoying because I expected that file A will be opened.
At least I want to know the autosave file is not A but B, etc.
Does anybody know a temporary fix?

(Rhino crashes only because the models are crazily big. Rhino 6 is very stable so far.)

I think the last instance open has priority when an autosave/crash occurs. I have the same problem as I work with too many open instances but whatever opens from autosave, just keep opening a next instance and sometimes it will take you back to the one you really want. I’m never sure but that is may take on it.

Hello - Presumably B and C are still OK and only A crashes, is that correct?


In my case, all of three crashed at the same time.
Rhino tells me something like ‘Rhino did not close normally. There is an autosave file…’, so I guess if only A crashes but B and C are okay, Rhino can get you back autosave file of A because Rhino knows A has crashed.
I think what is happening is when A, B and C crashed, Rhino marks autosave files of A, B and C as crashed in the the same order as they crashed. And you will get the last file crashed whatever file you attempt to open.

The reason I guess this issue can be fixed is that the autosave files have original filenames in their file names, so it shuold not be very difficult to point to the correct autosave file.

Hm - well I guess the system is not designed to handle more than a single instance at a time; if you look in the autosave folder however, you should be able to locate the other autosave files yourself and open them.

How are you managing to bring down 3 instances of Rhino at once? Is Windoes crashng as well?


How I am managing? I open multiple files and multiple Rhino will be launched. That’s it. Roes Rhino allows only single instance normally?
I agree, I can open files from autosave folder.
Windows does not crash when Rhino crashes.
When Rhino crashes, I check the RAM, and it reaches the maximum capcity. So it’s not surprizing that Rhino crashes.

Hello - normally, one instance of Rhino crashing will not affect the other open instances - but I suppose if you are running the machine out of memory, anything can happen. I don’t see how Rhino can keep track of the ‘right’ autosave file under these circumstances…


That seems to be what happens to me when I get stupid and work with too many big instances. Bad habit.

Oh, I see, one instance of Rhino crashes doesn’t immediately mean other instances also crash. Yes, that’s right. But yes, it happens and it’s not surprising because my machine ran out the memory (64gb!).