Automatically Print Mulitple Parts as individual PDFs - From model or paper-space

Has anyone printed multiple objects as individual PDFs from model space? Or Paper space if possible?

It would be very useful to automate the printing of indidual parts of a collection of objects. Dimensioned panels for example. Maybe via bounding box?

The question is. Can we position detailed viewports, relative to items in model space? That is using Rhino or GH to position around the individual items?

Yes. With C# it should be easy enough.

Can you provide and example of your “inputs” and describe how you want to be the “output”?

Layout manager does this somewhat. I generally do an old autocad type setup. Orienting objects to the xy and generating titleblocks along with them. Then using the layout manager to create layouts. I’m working on a bit this week on generating some 3D views per his process as well.