Position multiple detail viewports

Can we position detail viewports, relative to multiple items in model space? That is using Rhino or GH to position viewport around each individual item?

Hello - I’m not sure if I get the question completely - do you mean create a detail and frame an object automatically? I imagine it is possible in a script but it would take some fooling around to get it right…


The examples and plugins still work in R6 for the most part.


I have modelled a building. I then flatten panels and add dimensions. I then want to print each panel off, with dimensions, as individual PDFs. So the manufacturer can check that each of the panels produced via CNC are correct to their respective drawings. And for checking deliveries to site. There could be tens of thousands of the panels - so groups may also be a good option. Crucially scaling is important.

Yes, i do this all the time. If in your flattening process you provide a rectangle for the print sheet size, with the name of the panel, you can generate layouts for each using layout manager. per the video on the plugin page. Then print all layouts, the layout name is the pdf page name.

Is there a way of doing this in model space - without the borders?

As far as i’m aware the only way to print multiple areas at once (to scale) is via layouts.