Output GH directly to Layout space?

Hi! Is it possible?
Meaning preview/bake stuff into Layouts without Detail views?
Thank you!!

Did you see this thread?

Thanks! I did, but did not take the time to read it thoroughly. Also since it’s a bit oldish, and maybe there’s news in R7.
Will investigate…

Edit: ok, looked into it - it’s not exactly what I was looking for. I don’t want to just create layouts and details, but draw directly into the 2D layout space with GH - if possible.

In Python, with the function ObjectLayout() an object can be canged between model and layout space. Tested, works.

However, in GHPython, this does not seem to work. Here’s a naive test:

(On the layout, a rectangle shoud appear)

Is there any way to get Grasshopper-generated geometry over to the layout space?
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Try setting the script context to the Rhino document:

Thank you, Anders! That worked.

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