Rhino Layout tools

Hi David

Are you planning to include tools to control Rhino such as Andrew Heumann’s “Human”?

On that line, I am missing tools to control Rhino’s layouts. It would be very useful to create and control multiple layouts and detail views. Also it would be nice to be able to create geometry in layout space.


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Yes indeed. I would also like to be able to generate and modify Layouts straight from Grasshopper.

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Anything that helps to make working with layouts better would be great. Automatic, parametric, with grasshopper or else - anything but please work on this.
I waste so much time with layouts, it is really annoying.

Fabtools lets you generate and modify Layouts from grasshopper, somewhat. Granted its not updated to R6 but most of the tools work.

I do an old autocad like setup. Generating everything in model space, using LayoutManager to produce layouts for batch printing.

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