Part segmenting + OpenNest

I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I couldn’t find anything. Basically, I work with “jigs” or plywood gridwork parts that are assembled for temporary purposes. (They are typical “dog boned” together but joinery is not important to this discussion. ) I would like to write a grasshopper definition that takes parts (some which are larger than able to fit on one sheet of plywood) and chops them into smaller parts and nests them, then intelligently moves the chopping lines to minimize the amount of nested material. Do you guys think this can be done? Or does this start to approach on AI as the definiation will have to “learn” with each nesting cycle?

The thing with nesting is the smaller parts you have the easier to nest.
When you have only 2-5 parts that could be fit to a sheet of plywood, I would suggest to do it manually or do rectangular nesting, which is usually not the case for diagonal elements.

What kind of elements or shapes do you have?

Shapes vary a lot. Some are close to rectangles, lots L shaped, but really every shape. I do it by hand now, but its 30-35 sheets on a usual job(150-250 parts), so I’m looking for another option.

How about a marketplace for grasshopper work? I feel like a lot more people would be chiming in if there was an opportunity to make some money.

Hi - you could try posting in the Jobs category: