Automate Layout Creation in Grasshopper

I’m having an issue creating multiple layouts/details from grasshopper. This used to be done with the Layout Manager plugin where you could select boundary curves and it would create layouts, however, this doesn’t seem to work in Rhino 7

I’m using a python node created by @dharman but when I try to create the details it doesn’t align them with the layouts. Looks like it uses the world location instead of moving whats there to the origin.

Attached are the example files, I’m not sure what I’m missing as I’m not super familiar with Python

Create (93.4 KB)
Layout_Test.3dm (204.2 KB)

Fabtools GH Layouts still work in Rhino 7 for the most part, the Layout Manager aspect which can create from rectangles in the rhino model space does not. Due to sharing the same name as a Rhino command.

Layout_Template_R7.3dm (525.7 KB) (405.6 KB)