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I’m bitterly disappointed with the news and it s the second time it’s happening to Rhino.VSR is a hell of a great plug in for Rhino
I don t believe what the CEO of Autodesk says. Let s be logical about it. VSR will be an add on for Alias Automotive Styling which is already selling way above 5000$. Do people actually think that in the long term a software such as Rhino at 995$ with a complete VSR package similar to what is offered for Alias would be available at a fraction of the cost. I don t buy that. It would damage Alias’ sells. In the long run after all the nice speeches from Autodesk and guarantees they will try and corner Rhino users.
I m pissed off at the news, ( even though I cannot blame VSR’s move ). Autodesk is the Wallmart of software and they try and get the monopole on the market.
I wish Rhino long life and success.

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It already is as far as I know… Has been for quite awhile, VSR has been working with Autodesk for a number of years and has never kept that a secret; Autodesk was prominently displayed as a partner at their Euromold booth alongside RMA, Nemetschek, and one other I don’t remember.

Like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, etc., Autodesk has the resources to buy pretty much anything/anyone they want… Unpleasant fact of life… More and more difficult as a small company to compete with and resist those giants, as soon as you’re on their radar with something interesting they either try to buy you out or work around you by buying/developing competing technology and copying your ideas…


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I’m happy for the VSR guys, but disappointed as well. When Autodesk bought TSplines, Rhino development just stopped. 2 years later they’ve started working on Rhino again. That’s a long time without a bug fix or new feature development. Where would Rhino look like now if McNeel had bought them instead?

I don’t think VSR for Rhino is going away, but their priorities will shift. Hopefully not for the next two years as they have already been working together.

Well, it’s fitting I suppose since Rhino started out as an AutoCAD plugin for AutoDesk to wind up a purveyor of Rhino plugins. Making Rhino a platform was always the goal, this sort of thing goes along with that.

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I’ve tested VSR modelling tools shortly and have to say that the only thing I’m missing from them in Rhino is the command “fill n-sided hole”. A manual workaround of this (that offers much more control over the created surfaces) could be achieved with MatchSrf and history (see this topic). Hope that the magicians at McNeel can do it.

Autodesk proves with their shopping tour only that they have obviously not the ideas and the programming skills of the small companies. They (= the financial industry behind the software giants) can buy anything with the money they’ve invented, but they never won’t produce any progress and improvement with their strategy.

Stay strong Mcneel!


Filling N sided holes is definitely the brilliant command they have. But the other tools are good too. In Rhino, you can’t do a Zebra analysis on the surface you are creating in BlendSrf, but you could with VSR. There’s also checking an entire model for gaps (even when Rhino joins something, it may not be within tolerance) and continuity, editing a curve on a surface, etc.

I don’t own it. I spent a lot of time with the demo version and while the number of tools justify the price, the number of tools I would use didn’t. I was really expecting the features of the next version to tip the scales for that equation.

Well, having seen both the software and its creators in action a number of times, I have to say I disagree here. VSR is an incredible suite of tools for dealing with surfaces that is both easy and intuitive to use and which gives continuous realtime feedback as to what is happening. The developers are sharp, creative people who have worked hard to make a great product and they definitely deserve their rewards. I only hope that working for Autodesk is something that will suit them…

Of course there will be a number of fields of application for which these tools may not be extremely useful, but I feel anyone wanting to create and control Class A surfaces - from automotive to product to even jewelry - could benefit from their app…


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“I’m bitterly disappointed with the news and it s the second time it’s happening to Rhino.”

It’s a huge loss but it’s not surprising to anyone who is objective and has witnessed just how poorly Rhino has been marketed over the years.

“I don t believe what the CEO of Autodesk says.”

The CEO of Autodesk recently dumped half of all of his Autodesk Stock. If he doesn’t have confidence in Autodesk and his plans to move everything to the cloud why should anyone else?


“In the long run after all the nice speeches from Autodesk and guarantees they will try and corner Rhino users.”

Correct. That’s the long term unstated plan. Not just for VSR but products like HSMWorks For SolidWorks and T-Splines For Rhino as well.

“I m pissed off at the news…”

No one should be surprised at this news. But hey, I’m just a troll according to some who can’t moderate this forum and who aren’t willing to enforce community guidelines fairly as well as the usual Rhino fanboi’s. The B.S. never ends when it comes to making excuses for how poorly Rhino has been marketed for years. The B.S. also never ends for how poorly this forum is run by catering to Rhino fanboi’s over those that are objective. I started CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn for a reason. It’s the same reason it’s so successful.

Jon Banquer
CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn

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what is the summary of this comment set?

Are you just simply saying rhino is not where it should be due to a lack of marketing? OR Rhino sucks and deserves it’s status? OR is this some kind of roundabout promotion for an alternative forum?

Is calling other people fanbois (or fanboi’s) relevant to this thesis. I don’t understand this at all.


Hi guys,

just to let you know, the latest release Autodesk Shape Modeling 2014 comes with a two months test license, and can be downloaded here:


The n sided hole function has been improved, you can now also move the star point and the neat points of the surfaces.

Introduction price (only for a limited time) is greatly reduced, e.g. only 450 Euros in Germany, even cheaper in the US. Check it out. :slight_smile: