AutoCPlane doesn't orient to planar rectangle...?

If I have an off-axis rectangle - say one that is on the world XY plane but rotated 30° - if Gumball is set to “Object” it aligns to the rectangle when selected, but AutoCPlane set to “Object” does not. Of course it is still in the plane of the rectangle, but I might have expected it to rotate to align with an edge as Gumball does.

Hi Mitch - - autocplane makes some effort to set the plane in an orientation that makes sense in 3d space and the current view, and not simply follow the UV of the surface as CPlane > Object does. The idea being that the user (in autocplaning) will want to interact immediately with the object - draw on it it etc. Whether this always pans out well I don’t know but it tries to avoid for instance having the plane oriened with x to the left and y down or something, that would make normal cplane bases drawing a nuisance.


Hi Pascal,

Yeah, I can see that it would be good in some cases and bad in others.

I have found that it does occasionally rotate the auto-plane 90° to what I would consider “normal”, that is to say the X-Axis in the “up” direction and the Y-axis to the left.

In some cases this orientation guessing makes AutoCPlane completely useless.