Autocad to Rhino

I have an ACAD file with elements “freeze” frozen in a layout/viewport and when I bring the file into Rhino 7 the element is also frozen in layout space/ detail view.
My question is, where can I unfreeze those elements?
Thank you.

Hi Simon -

It’s hard to tell from that description…
Run Unlock or make sure that the layer is unlocked?
If that’s not it, can you post the DWG/DXF file?

In the process of creating an example file. I found the solution.

The “layout On” column is where you can select an item in layout space via the detail view and you can turn it off from visibility, but it will still be there in model space.

line freeze example.dwg (33.0 KB)
The example file if anyone is interested.
Line and leader are visible in model space, but line is hidden only in layout1’s detail view.