Layout page frozen

Hi, this may be an easy fix, which I hope it is. I have generated several layouts which worked great. Now my client wants some amendments to the drawings, only when I go to the layout page and double click to access it appears to be locked, and I cannot find anything on the forums that explains how this happened or how to resolve it.
I look forward to some help with this one, thanks, Rob.

Hi again, attached is my drawing minus the content, but still with the issue.

002-01_Everyday-Drawings.3dm (294.0 KB)

Thanks, Rob.

They are indeed locked - so use unlock to access them again :wink: I have no idea as to how they became locked - could be intentional or could be accidental, but when things (be it details, curves, geometry) won’t move, it’s usually because it’s locked - either by object or by layer :slightly_smiling:
HTH, Jakob

:slightly_smiling: Thank you Jakob, all solved. I don’t recall locking them, nor think of a reason to.
Saved me a lot of time. All the best, Rob.