Autocad importing Rhino files now?

I just received an e-mail advertisement from Autodesk™ stating:

Autodesk® Product Design Suite takes product design to the next level, no matter where your CAD data comes from.

Work faster with any files, including:

  • CATIA® V5
  • CATIA® V4
  • SolidWorks®
  • NX
  • JT™ 6
  • JT™ 7
  • Rhino
  • Parasolid®

Odd, because we have Design Suite Prem 2014, and can’t import Rhino files into ACAD or REVIT. Anyone know what they are talking about?

This seems to say it’s possible - or maybe not… Need to check tomorrow, we have academic editions of ACAD at the school…

Yep you can bring in Rhino files into autocad. You can’t directly open them you have to go through the import function. Actually I think you have been able to do it since 2013.

Just tested it… It dropped the meshes in my rhino file and was quite slow, but other than that, worked great! :smile:

Yeah definitely not fast. I have actually had better luck exporting out dwg files from Rhino, than importing Rhino files into Autocad. As text, dimensions don’t get imported and layers are retained. But if you looking to just get geometry from Rhino in Autocad then it will work. Also I just checked it was also there in version 2012.

Ahhh, ok. There’s the ‘open’ command, then the various ‘attach’ commands… and then the ‘import’ command!

(as well as a few others I’m sure).