Drawing Register in Rhino (using Python?)

Has anyone found a method for generating an auto-updating drawing register in Rhino? I imagine something in Python / Grasshopper might be needed but don’t have the literacy to come up with that without a bit of further research.


Perhaps you want display conduits?

Hi Gaby -

You should probably explain what, exactly, that means to you.

Hi Wim, thanks for the quick response, first time here.

The drawing register that I’m after would be a table drawn with sheet numbers (layout user text), layout names in descending order, issue (layout user text) and revision #s (layout user text).

I’m able to fumble my way through making a python script to generate these as columns of Rhino text objects, but not sure if there’s a way to extend these to be a cohesive group of items that update themselves as drawings are updated?

Thanks again!