Augmented Reality

I think this is addressed to ShapeDiver developers primarily :slight_smile: - so thank you in advance.

I have tried using the Augmented reality feature on my mobile device with some success but I have noticed some discrepancies in colour and missing line elements between the model in the browser vs the model in AR. Thirdly, text elements show up but without any content (a single letter T per line) .

View in Browser

View in AR

Any thoughts on this? :slight_smile:

We are working on general visual improvements for the AR feature, along with a guide on how to setup the model in Grasshopper to get the best results. This should be released shortly.

Curves are currently not supported in AR. We are looking into a solution regarding this issue but at the moment cannot guarantee curve support yet.

We are also aware of the issue with text tags and working on supporting them in AR as well.