AR & ShapeDiver

Hi guys,
I was wondering if anybody has any experience with shapediver in augmented reality.
i am referring to this part of the API. ShapeDiver 3D Viewer Interface: ArApiInterface

Do you have any example file on that ? As i read, i believe it would only work for iphones. is that right? I got to use the ARKIT by apple but never together with Shapediver. Is somebody has any idea on how to start it would be great!



Support for AR is on our road map but currently it is still in an experimental stage and we have no demos or example files at this point. Early research indicates that services such as or could work well for showing ShapeDiver models in AR. There is no integration at the moment but we can see one of these solutions working well with our backend.

Our plan is to support output of the asset formats suitable for AR quickview on iOS and Android (glTF and usdz) directly from our backend API. The development of AR support will continue in following months with the first release most likely early next year.

Any further new Pavol? would be my preference due to cost.

Like Pavol mentioned earlier, our main goal right now is to support ‘Quick Look’ for Android and iOS devices - i.e. exposing glTF / usdz via our API. This feature is currently planned for Q3 2021.