Attractor gradual thickness change

Hello everyone

I am trying to copy a custom pattern which is made by a series of curves and then offset them depending on another curve that acts like an attractor so that the closest the pattern center is to the attractor, the thinner the curves will be and the further, the thicker.

It seems like the only curves from the pattern that are working on this principle are the 2 circles and the other curves just stay the same.

This is a picture of the idea I want to use:

What is the problem? initial pattern.3dm (59.6 KB)
thickness (11.8 KB)

Hi Makandrei,
welcome to the forum.

To find the “center” point of every curve you used the Boundary Surfaces component, but that work only for planar closed curves, so only the closed circles had a center point to work with the attractor curve.
(you can see the component giving you an error, and if you hover the mouse over its “Edges” input param it says 200 elements, but in “Surfaces” output param it says only 50 !)

Instead of that I’ve used divide curve + average point to find a rough “barycenter” point of each individual curve.
Also, you had the small circle duplicate (x4).
I’ve used “Offset Curve Loose” instead of normal “Offset Curve”, as it give good results with circles/arc but is much faster. (Beware, Offset Curve Loose give imprecise results with generic nurbs.)

But overall the logic of your definition was good.

thickness change (15.2 KB)
(I’ve internalized the input curves)