Attractor Influencing Region

Dear all,

I`ve been playing with attractors recently. Based on my knowledge until now, an attractor impacts points within a certain radius. In order to clarify my thoughts, I created this simple example:

attractor (20.3 KB)

Based on the distance of the points around the attractor I move the points in the Z-direction. The resulting topography is of the same size in both x- and y-directions.
Is there a way on how to control the affection region from a circle more towards an ellipse or other further shapes?


I have a specific surface topology in mind that I would like to transform my plain surface to, but at the moment, I try to get a first idea for controling the “attractor influencing region”.

Thank you for your help!

Any curve will do, doesn’t have to be an ellipse. What’s with all the shoes the last couple of days? (the Patch surface off the left edge of the canvas) Are you all in the same class? (22.2 KB)

P.S. Here’s a different approach that doesn’t rely on an attractor point, only the curve: (20.5 KB)


Thank you @Joseph_Oster! :slight_smile: