Curve line attractor influence

want to make line attractor 2D with a hexagonal pattern. but there is some problem with the script. if some professional can go through the script and give me a mistake which has done it will be helpful.
gg1 (15.0 KB)

gg1i.3dm (55.8 KB)
want to do something like this

most painful thing -yeah, honestly it took much more than a while to figure out lol- was to realize your attractor curve was not lying on your surface :slight_smile:

I would do something like this, where ABCD control from what distance (A) is the minimum scaling factor (C) applied, and to what distance (B) is the maximum scaling factor (D) applied

using the Clipped output makes sure all the numbers are: A ≤ remapped_number ≤ B

if you want to cull shapes based on their distance to the curve, that’s very intuitive:

with a graph mapper you can get more control on how the scaling gradient spreads longitudinally:

gg1 (18.3 KB)


[I tried to play it as a Netrunner, but it became very boring very fast :frowning: ]

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