Attractor Curve Proximity Distance

I have a layman attempt at creating a perforated facade with circles of the same radius.
while trying to increase the density & decrease distance between circles when they are closer proximity to the curve. However with this GH definition i’m limited to only working the distances between the circles on the X axis. I’m looking for a solution or a different approach where i can manipulate both the X and Y axis in terms of Distances between Circles.

Perhaps a grid pinching or an actual attractor with a pull ?
Any ideas of methodologies are much welcomed

Please find attached the GH and rhino File.

Perforated Proximity Facade.3dm (4.5 MB)
Perforated Proximity (77.1 KB)

Image reference for visual purposes
as you can see the X axis shows an obvious change in distance whereas the Y axis has the same constant distance.